The 15 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids – That are Totally Girl & Boy Approved

Are you looking for The 15 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the choices for gifts? It can be hard to buy a gift that is just right. If your child has everything their heart desires, then it becomes even harder! As parents we know how difficult this time of year feels when they are constantly asking “what do I want?” or “where did mommy put [insert item]”.

That’s why here at Gift-They’ve Done This Before we have compiled some cool ideas and suggestions so no matter what age group (or gender) may interest them our editors found something perfect in one place – giving advice on buying children presents became much easier after reading through these articles:

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The 15 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet

The All-New Fire 10 Tablet For Kids
Ages: 3 – 12 years old

The latest Fire 10 tablet is the perfect gift for your kids! It has 32GB of storage, 7-hour battery life, and can withstand accidents from time to toddler. They’ll never hate you when they’re having fun with this amazing device in tow; it comes in many different colors too so there’s something that fits every personality type (and mood).

Plus we offer a 2-year warranty which means no more buying new tablets because yours broke on accident or by deliberate mischief-making skills – just send us an email if anything does go wrong during those two years!).

02- The Personalized Pick

The “I’d Rather Be a Snowman” Customized Book
Ages 3+

The perfect book for all you shoppers out there, this one’s sure to put a smile on your face. With 24 pages of pictures and cute sayings that’ll make anyone feel like they’re just home from school or work! Plus – customize with their name so it feels much more personal than anything else could ever hope at being.

03- Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition

The “Baby Yoda” Animatronic
Ages: 4+.

It’s the most anticipated and must-have interactive toy from The Mandalorian on Disney+, baby Yoda that is totally animatronic, with over 25 different sounds and motions you can force him to take a nap.

It may seem like an ordinary toy at first glance but when compared to other brands in its class it becomes clear why this one has been gathering steam among kids around America – especially since they’ll be able to interact directly through voice recognition software.

What’s more adorable than this little guy? The most anticipated and must-have interactive toys from The Mandalorian on Disney+. Yes, it’s Baby Yoda that is totally animatronic with over 25 different sounds and motions you can force him to take a nap in.

04- The Gnomes at Night Game for Kids

Ages: 6 – 11 years old

Have you tried The Gnomes at Night Game for Kids?. Now you can play with your little ones and get some quality time in without any screens! Just enter that gnome maze, work together as teammates to find the exit…but don’t be fooled – it’s not easy trying to navigate through this busy world on one’s own 🙂

The perfect game requires teamwork so they’re off their devices while having fun together, all thanks. The gnomists game for youngsters. This quick 15 minutes will give them an opportunity to break from technology or social media platforms like Instagram where there is always too much temptation nearby.

05- The Latest Echo Dot For Kids

Ages: 3 – 12 yrs old

Alexa is the best assistant for kids. With her help, you can teach your child about technology and learning while also having fun! The latest version of this year’s echo dot has two faces; one that is friendly like a tiger face or a cute little panda character with an open mouth (Amazon calls it “bounce”)) which will make children laugh when they hear Alexa respond back at them after saying something funny on TV show etc.,

Then there’s another design where both eyes are closed – perfect if Mom wants some peace & quiet time during nap times.

06- The Hatchimals Pixies Flyers Best Product

Ages: 4 – 9 yrs old

These fluffy little pixies are a surefire winner this year. They can learn how to fly and will do so all-around your house! Just use hand motions for more direction from you, or let them explore on their own in play mode without any help at all using the remote control included with each purchase (remote not included).

The plush toy comes in pink or purple colors depending upon availability when purchasing it online – choose wisely because these things sell fast!!

*This product has been updated about two months ago due to popular demand.*

07- The Audio Pet Portable Mini Speaker

Ages: 3 – 12 years old

These mini portable Bluetooth speakers are the perfect travel companion for any occasion. You can hook them onto your backpack or belt loop and listen to music as you go about your day, all while not having a bulky device weighing down on yourself!

These adorable little gadgets will be sure to make a great gift this holiday season too- they come in many different pet-themed options so there’s something everyone loves (and plenty who have their own Pup)!

08- The New Echo Glow Smart Lamp For Kids

Ages: 3+

The New Echo Glow Smart Lamp For Kids is the perfect pick if you have little ones who may be a bit scared of the dark at night or bigger kids in your life. It’s got different color hues to make their room glow with fun!

As parents, we can tap into this app and set timers so they wake up easily in the morning; play music through it when I want them to dance around without me getting out of bed; turn on scenes from Finding Nemo while keeping away monsters under my pillow- what will work best?

09- The Nintendo Switch Lite

Ages: 8+

If you’re looking for a quality handheld video game console, then the Lite Nintendo Switch is right up your alley. It has all of the same great features as its bigger brother but in an, even more, portable package that can be taken anywhere with ease! The colors and patterns are also really fun so it will fit any personality or mood perfectly

It’s like Super Mario now becomes their full-time travel companion because this little guy comes equipped not only to play games on principle; he’ll do whatever they need him to – making life easier by providing entertainment wherever the journey takes them.

10- Play-Doh Kitchen Creations BBQ

Ages: 3+

Now you can make professional Play-Doh burgers and hot dogs with the help of this amazing grill! The 5 colors it comes in will suit anyone’s taste, from a little kid all way up until their grannies. We were shocked at how cheap it is too – not only does everything seem like such high quality but even though we have never used one before now there was nothing difficult about using these tools either since they are pretty easy going when put together correctly.

We used to try so hard as kids just by hand-making those edible creations out of our favorite Creation Kit: PLAY-DOH!!! But now…if you’re looking for something more formalized then.

11- The ‘I’m Bred Out of My Mind’ Game

Ages: 8+

Want to get your kids in on the holiday spirit? This card game is great for kids of all ages, and it’s perfect as a family activity. The rules are easy enough that even your little one can learn them in no time!

It’ll have you laughing so hard by the end there’s no doubt they will too – guaranteed good times ahead with this hilarious ‘fill-in-the-blank word game’. Comes complete with 455 cards to keep things interesting from start until finish

This isn’t just any ol’ traditional board or hand-picked decks either; instead what we’ve done here at Card Game HQ has gone right back into our vault(no pun intended)to pull out some incredibly rare vintage boxes.

12- The Nat Geo Dino Fossil Dig Kit

Ages: 7 – 12

The dream of being an archeologist is now accessible to your kids. Play with them for hours in the lab, and they’ll find three real fossilized dinosaur bones that can be brought home today!

The newest toy from Big Fun Inc., The Discovery Kit For Kids Has Scientists Awakened To A New World Of Science And Adventure Where They Can Discover Things Like Fossils – It’s All Ready When You Need IT!.


13- The New Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine

Ages 4+

Scooby is back! He’s as popular now, if not more so than he was in the ’70s. The new release of this classic Mystery Machine will sell out quickly and come with Fred, Daphne, and Velma all wrapped up for you to solve mysteries on any Scooby-related case that comes your way this season or next to one after it starts up again either way

We know there are plenty coming our way soon enough because everyone loves solving crimes its what they do right? Well someone has got another load ready just waiting expectantly at their doorstep which means good times ahead kids.

14- Dog Man “For Whom the Ball Rolls” Book

Ages: 7+

This is the perfect gift for all those kids who never seem to be in a reading mood. They can enjoy this hilarious novel and laugh along with it, too!

This ‘no-fail book will make your child feel as though they are part of an adventure that has been going on from before time began – but without any risk or danger involved (of course).

15- The Funko Pop Harry Potter Game

Ages: 10+

The latest twist on Harry Potter with this super fun strategy game that puts players head-to-head to conquer four different scenarios. The rules are easy and quick, so you’ll have no problem playing it again or teaching your friends how to play! It even comes with 4 adorable collectible figures:

Harry (the boy wizard), Hermione Granger the smartest witch of her age; Lord Voldemort aka He Who Must Not Be Named – You know him well if you’ve ever seen any movie involving youthful fantasies about death delivered by knife-sharp dialogue between two crazy kids who can’t keep their hands off each other while living out some sort.


We hope these 15 ideas will help you find the perfect gift for your child. If you need more help, please call our customer service line at 1-800-GIFT THEM before December 24th to speak with one of our experts who are ready and waiting to give their best advice on how to buy children’s presents this year! Happy Holidays from Gift They’ve Done This Before!


1. How do you find the best gifts for kids?

For the next five years, this question will haunt parents from Christmas to Christmas, birthday party to birthday party. The problem with finding a perfect gift for a child is that while every child has their preferences and interests, parents never know these preferences or interests until they pay attention to them.

You can ask your kids what kind of toys they want, but if you’re anything like me then their minds will go blank at the chance of free ice cream and a toy. Not all hope is lost though! With some research and attention put in beforehand, you can really find great gifts at any age. Have no fear for even for infants! So here are my favorite 15 gifts that I found just perusing through online retailers.

2. What are your favorite toys for kids?

Of course, different kids have varying preferences, so it’s important for parents to choose toys based on their child’s personality and interests. These best toy ever lists ought to help you get started! We know it can be difficult to find the perfect toy for your child, but these gifts are sure to please any kid on your list.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, however, if you’re looking for something that would fit into most budgets, then don’t forget about our 15 Best Gifts For Kids that will surely put a smile on anyone’s face this holiday season! We hope they inspire your shopping experience in any way possible – happy gifting! One of the priciest but absolutely the most satisfying kind of reward.

3. Which age range of kids does this gift guide work best for?

Answer: The 15 Best Gift Ideas For Kids

Since there is no universal age guideline for “kids,” this gift guide works best with kids younger than 14 years old. It has many ideas that can also work well with adults, but it features products specifically for less sophisticated children. These are toys that are sure to bring out the kid in every adult!

As I scan through this list of toys I am reminded that finding the perfect toy is not always easy. There are so many options, and each toy offers something different for individuals on all different points on the development spectrum of childhood development from babies to teenagers. Luckily modern technology has been able to create an app that helps people find a special gift idea for children of any age.

4. What has been your go-to gift so far this year?

Answer: When searching for the best gift ideas for kids, we recommend reading reviews and looking at prices before making a purchase. Some toys that might not be worth it include Brain Toys for Baby (which sells for $9 on Amazon and has received an average rating of 3 out of 5), Geotrax Train Bundle (priced over $60 in Amazon with 3.1 stars), or Fisher-Price Think & Learn Cash Register (priced over $70 in Amazon with 4.5 stars).

A great inexpensive toy would be LEGO Juniors The Incredibles 2 Dance Off!, priced at under $10 dollars on Amazon and rated 4 out of 5 stars by parents who own the toy. If you’re feeling especially generous this year, Star Wars Millennium.

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