Best Pet Insurance 2022 (The Best Pet Insurance Policies to Cover Vet Bills)

How to buy the best pet insurance for you and your animals

How much does pet insurance cost?

Costs vary wildly, depending on the coverage you want and the pet you’re covering. Around £20-£30 per month should be enough for comprehensive (“lifetime”) cover for one pet. You could pay as little as a fiver a month for accident-only insurance for a chipped and neutered young cat, or well over £50 per month to fully insure a large pedigree dog.

That might sound a lot, but the Association of British Insurers says that the average pet insurance claim is a cool £822. Many claims are a great deal higher. A bill for unexpected veterinary surgery can cost thousands of pounds.

Everything from your pet’s age and condition to your location and whether or not you’ve got a cat flap will influence the cost of insurance. So getting a quote is not as quick and easy as insuring, say, your phone, and you’ll have to hand over your details as well as your pet’s. But your dog is a heck of a lot more unique than your phone, so it’s worth going that extra mile to get the right coverage.

Best pet insurance 2022

Cover vet bills with the best UK pet insurance providers and policies to protect your cats and dogs – and even your horses

There’s no national health service for animals. So the best pet insurance doesn’t just cover your vet bills when your beloved dog or cat has been in an accident, it also covers illness, even if your furry friend has pre-existing and hereditary conditions. You can also opt to include costs such as dental treatment, kennel costs, and even annual jabs, all of which add up to eye-watering annual expenses.

The key to choosing the best pet insurance product for you, as with any insurance, is finding a policy that’s affordable enough to save you money in the long run, but comprehensive enough to provide the protection and payment you need, quickly and with minimal hassle.

Read on for our pick of the best pet insurance providers, and details of what they currently offer. First, though, here’s our guide to choosing the ideal pet insurance provider to protect your puss, pooch… or parrot.


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What does pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance coverage is as varied as pets. It’s worth having a chat with your vet to find out what you should definitely include in your policy, and what factors you should mention about your pet when getting your quote.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your provider and policy:

Dental cover: Most insurers now let you cover your pet’s dental bills, either after an accident or – for a higher premium – as a result of decay and gum disease. Insurers may insist that your pet has regular dental check-ups before providing this cover.

Lifetime cover: If you go for the lifetime (comprehensive) cover option, you may be covered for pretty much every vet bill you ever pay – including routine injections, check-ups, worming treatments, flea treatments, and pre-existing conditions. But always check the small print before assuming this stuff is covered.